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The Forensic Network provides strategic claims review of psychiatric, psychological, and neuropsychological injury claims. Dr. David R. Price, former Administrative Director of the Forensic Psychiatry Research Center at the Medical University of South Carolina, and Senior Editor of the Insurer's Handbook of Psychological Injury Claims, will thoroughly review your case, provide you with a strategic analysis and be available for consultation as the need arises.


Dr. David R. Price is available to provide independent psychological and/or neuropsychological evaluations. Dr. Price can assist in Criminal matters, Personal Injury claims, Workers' Compensation claims, Fitness for Duty issues, Testamentary capacity issues, as well as Employment issues.

To discuss your specific needs, please contact us.

This case analysis will provide a thorough review of the case, and document the weakness and diagnostic errors in the psychological, psychiatric, medical evidence, and proof of damages. Our careful analysis will provide legal counsel and claims executives with a thorough review of their case. It will identify all relevant theories, trial or settlement strategies, and discovery needed to document the strengths or weaknesses of the psychological, neuropsychological, medical evidence, and proof of damages. We expertly assist our clients in a variety of claims such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, toxic exposure, and employment litigation such as sexual harassment or wrongful termination.

Our case analysis will take an average of 15-hours to complete depending on the complexity of the case. Cases are normally completed within 21-days, but 48-hour service is available upon request. No retainer is requested, but please enclose a brief cover letter authorizing The Forensic Network to examine your records and to notify The Forensic Network of any important dates relevant to your case.

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